Images that make the music

Imagination gets clogged when you have so many images to create subjects from! Why always try to create content starting from the clasical scheme of composing text and then illustrating it?!? In the visual kingdom of social media and online wandering we are always attracted by big, sharp and powerful

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Rest assured, Madonna is fine!

While performing at the BRIT Awards in London, Madonna stepped on her cape and rolled back on stage. But since she’s no newcomer and knows that the only way is to keep performing, she quickly re-took her role and the show went on. She’s good Material, that Girl! See her

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All the latest important pictures

New York Fashion Week continues to offer us a lot to talk about – from winter-brave street style to A top model present in almost all the shows. Other red carpet events are happening, but it is somehow clear that the A-listers are getting ready for Sunday’s Academy Awards. Of

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Monday’s extended roundup

In a not-to-miss selection that we have compiled for today, we have gone from the NBA All Star Game to the NYFW highlights, not neglecting the top shots from the international scene. Take them as starting points in creating your most accesed visual subjects.  

Valentine’s Day Special

As cheesy as it might sound for some of you, Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to gather a lot of useful ideas and imagery for your subjects to your readers. Of course, we were all looking forward –  for different reasons –  to the long awaited world premiere of

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Romanians around the world

In a special edit of our todays selection we have gathered the Romanian movie “Pioneer’s Palace” team in Sundance – including Bobby Paunescu, Toto Dumitrescu and Irina Margareta Nistor, alongside acctress Olivia Nita spotted around Utah’s Park City. The bonus imagery includes an unseen, more intimate photo of Mihaela Radulescu and

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It’s a crazy, crazy world!

“Without inspiration, the best powers of the mind remain dormant; there is a fuel in us which needs to be ignited with sparks.” (Johann Gottfried Von Herder). Here’s just 1% of what freshly curated daily imagery can do for you.