Daily Roundup

We’ll always have Paris

With Paris Fashion week heading for the end , seems like it saved the best for last : Chanel, Valentino, McQueen and some newcomer fashionisters (yes, this is a word, look it up) who give Kim Kardashian a run for her money…

What TIME is it?

In a long awaited event that took place yesterday, Apple unveiled his WATCH. The moment is perfect for an imagery tour (all set is available for your content creation by request) of the history of the wristwatch technology and the usual question: how much is fashion, how much is utility

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Andiamo a Milano!

Friday we’re in love… with the Milanese fashion: from the Marilyn Monroe-esque Max Mara show to the fun-filled Moschino, the retro elegance of Fendi & Prada and the vibrant street style!

18 images to boost your articles!

Since it is Friday and the materials you are illustrating (either in print or online) need to have the ‘relax’ factor, we have gathered a few examples of street fashion – for both classy and sporty fashionistas, topped with the latest images of Felix and Mihaela. A few offbeat colourful

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