Daily Roundup

Today’s news by numbers

Hard to believe for some, but numbers and hidden formulas rule our world. We have searched for the essence in todays picture roundup and we have come up with some impressive facts. Check them out!

7 ways to dazzle on the red carpet

Prefection is always required when stepping on the red carpet and it seems that not all the celebs are mastering this art. It is not only a question of hiring the best PR agent, a top stylist or having The Dress, it is about personal chemistry with the audiences. And

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Brad Pitt or Matthew McConaughey?

So…ladies, let’s vote! After Gosling’s surprising hair color change, both Brad Pitt and Matthew McConaughey have new (bearded) looks. Also, Selena Gomez proves that break-ups are bad for the silhouette, Sofia and Joe’s PDA on stage and Naomi Campbell brings London to L.A.