10 images to make you forget the weather outside

Imagine the zen of the future! A selected glass buddha alter is seen lit up at the Ruriden columbarium on April 6, 2015 in Tokyo, Japan. The Ruriden, operated by the Koukokuji buddhist temple, took two years to build and houses 2046 futuristic alters with glass buddha statues that correspond [...]

It was all about (famous) Kid’s Choice!

Celebrity fun was the word for this weekend’s Kids Choice Awards, as top guests came accompanied by their famous kids: Angelina Jolie (with Shiloh and Zahara), Katie Holmes and Suri, the Beckham boys and many more saw the performances and lauched big time at the traditional slime prank! Warning: green

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What’s filming now

Unrecognizable Eddie Redmayne on set of “The Danish Girl”, Daniel Craig action-packed scenes on set of “Spectre”, Tyra Banks’ new pixie haircut on set of “America’s Next Top Model” and many more…  

Pattern magic

Beauty is in the details, so why not focus on a great breed of imagery? A press photographer will always strive for the best shot, climbing the highest point and capturing the most innovative angles to reflect the whole by its tiny particles! This kind on imagery always makes great

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Speaking without words

“The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t said.” The wisdom words beautifully apply to the long awaited meeting between Angela Merkel and Greece’s Alexis Tsipras, the images are speaking more about the context than any official press release! Speaking of

Politics of fashion

See the dresses that got us talking yesterday: the £35 Asos dress that Duchess of Cambridge wore in London and the (much more expensive) Kenzo dress that Michelle Obama wore in Tokyo. Plus: Nadia & Simona make a golden team, Alexandra Dinu is gorgeous in black in Rome…