daily roundup

7 ways to dazzle on the red carpet

Prefection is always required when stepping on the red carpet and it seems that not all the celebs are mastering this art. It is not only a question of hiring the best PR agent, a top stylist or having The Dress, it is about personal chemistry with the audiences. And

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Politics of fashion

See the dresses that got us talking yesterday: the £35 Asos dress that Duchess of Cambridge wore in London and the (much more expensive) Kenzo dress that Michelle Obama wore in Tokyo. Plus: Nadia & Simona make a golden team, Alexandra Dinu is gorgeous in black in Rome…  

The world is our canva!

We can’t imagine a better Monday action than touring the world in photographs! Mixing the latest celebrity style and A-lisers on the red carpet with the dynamic world of sports, spicing it up with some offbeat imagery. The cherry of the pie are always the Romanian presences abroad: tennis stars,

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We’ll always have Paris

With Paris Fashion week heading for the end , seems like it saved the best for last : Chanel, Valentino, McQueen and some newcomer fashionisters (yes, this is a word, look it up) who give Kim Kardashian a run for her money…

What TIME is it?

In a long awaited event that took place yesterday, Apple unveiled his WATCH. The moment is perfect for an imagery tour (all set is available for your content creation by request) of the history of the wristwatch technology and the usual question: how much is fashion, how much is utility

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Images that make the music

Imagination gets clogged when you have so many images to create subjects from! Why always try to create content starting from the clasical scheme of composing text and then illustrating it?!? In the visual kingdom of social media and online wandering we are always attracted by big, sharp and powerful

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