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15 not-to-miss Grammy 2015 moments

From a controversial Madonna gesture to great winners (Sam Smith, Beyonce etc), passing through the A-listers present to Grammy for true achievements or … just to raise the media frenzy, here are the best 15 compiled moments from this years Grammy Awards!  

Romanians around the world

In a special edit of our todays selection we have gathered the Romanian movie “Pioneer’s Palace” team in Sundance – including Bobby Paunescu, Toto Dumitrescu and Irina Margareta Nistor, alongside acctress Olivia Nita spotted around Utah’s Park City. The bonus imagery includes an unseen, more intimate photo of Mihaela Radulescu and

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Clichee or not?

“An image is worth a 1000 words”, says an old saying widely applied in the photo industry … As clichee as it might seem, there is truth in it, we believe so. But we do believe in carefully chosen pictures, by passionate researchers, used in deeply thinked contexts and in

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Awards Season warm up

The red carpet is getting crowded, as the big events of the Awards Season are approaching. Last night we had the 41st Annual People’s Choice – we made a short selection of the best looks and moments, doubled with