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Discover a world of high quality stock footage (now even in 4k) from world leading film makers. With nearly 1200000 video clips, Getty Images owns the largest collection of model/property released footage and is the only stock video company with its own creative research team. We offer the best creative solutions, prices and sizes within your budgets.

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Getty Images Creative

Premium stock video from archive to contemporary, including released lifestyles, aerials, industry, technology and much more.

Getty Images Editorial

Current and archival video of events all over the world, covering celebrities, fashion, business and politics.



StockFood – Professional recipe videos and fresh, creative short clips.


Science Photo Library – Science Photo Library’s Motion collection comprises the best scientific footage from around the world covering healthcare, science & technology, space, environment, animals, history and flowers.


Splash News – Splash offers the complete Hollywood package – from unedited footage to fully packaged shows. If you want to know what is really happening, check Splash!