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Cannes – paparazzi edition

We’ve seen them on the red carpet, all dolled up and behaving gracefully. But what do celebrities do in Cannes when (they think) no one in watching..?  

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Most memorable looks of the weekend

Here is a roundup of the most memorable looks over the week-end from the Cannes croisette to the daring Billboard Music Awards’ red carpet, from Vienna to New York or Woburn.  

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Your Friday inspiration is here!

Today is about open mindness, attitude and wellbeing!

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Cannes, you had us at hello!

We’ve seen the dresses, the guests, the frenzy on the Riviera last night. But we all need a fresh perspective on every ‘classical’ snapshot we have seen so far in the ‘hot’ media coverage of the Cannes Opening Ceremony so far. Take a look and join un is imagining innovative

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Le Cannes d’antan … in 20 glorious images

Tonight, all the media lights will point to the Cannes Film Festival red carpet, for 2 weeks of film premieres, glamourous outfits and remarkable snapshots. All are waiting to be discovered everyday, in a more and more diverse photo and video coverage provided by our suppliers. As a nostalgic remider

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Hello, beautiful world!

A quick look around us, to really see and appreciate the simple things in life – like the love of kids and … cookies, the patience to create realistic coloured paper birds, the audacity to surf in a freezing ocean or art and fashion in their most beautiful forms!

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Mother’s day celebration

From the royal christening in Monaco to Hollywood’s most famous mothers and one surprising “rehersal” Clooney family pic, today we celebrate motherhood.  

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Friday’s all stars

As a short introduction to the week end mood we have chosen today lighter snd funnier topics, plus an amazing archival discovery, related to yesterday Prince “Charming” Harry’s kiss from a fan. Have a nice week end ahead!

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Things are not always what they seem

The Pope didn’t start a basketball career, Alessandra Ambrosio is not dating with Will Arnett, Seth Meyers didn’t go to a job interview for Vogue, Jennifer Lopez is not 20…Things are not always what they seem, look closer!