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The perfect imperfections of photography
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“In our increasingly curated world, there is a pull toward an aesthetic that feels messy and unexpected. To make errors is human and that brings honesty and authenticity to the visual landscape. Getty Images’s Glitch exhibition explores this trend. In curating this show we have selected images that are either genuine accidents, the results of crafted imperfection, or where the photographer has deliberately introduced some element to the process that makes the outcome unpredictable. […] The smartphone images we take and send each day are often out-of-focus, badly framed, with lens flare and other unintentional mistakes – they present everyday life as a series of abstracted forms and communication shortcuts and if the photo looks a little bit too professional there’s smartphone software designed to re-create the visual effect of glitch. The ‘fail’ is so desirable we now have systems designed to simulate glitch.”

These are the words of Paul Foster, Senior Director for Creative at Getty Images and a sample of the imprefect messy “glitch aestehic’ imagery (also part of a London exhibition currently running) can be seen here:

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