daily roundup

Awards Season warm up

The red carpet is getting crowded, as the big events of the Awards Season are approaching. Last night we had the 41st Annual People’s Choice – we made a short selection of the best looks and moments, doubled with

#2014 in Sport, our way

When trying to resume sports in 2014 – the classical approach would have been the ‘picturesque’ one: spectacular moments from all sports, emotional moments or supreme efforts for obtaining the victory. Then we stepped back and remembered our Simona Halep, Larisa Iordache, the handball and football key matches from 2014

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#2014 in Showbiz

After cruising all year, everyday, through thousands of beautiful celebrity imagery, we have chosen the best 20 images in Showbiz. All are handpicked, debated and carefully edited, so that the result expresses our refined view and ultimately offer you some retrospective … eye candies. Enjoy!