Everybody is a photographer

As individuals we use pictures to communicate everyday. With the help of technology, we are nowadays able to cover and share every minute of our life experiences, as images are about our feelings and moods, ultimately about concepts.

Working in the image licencing business has complicated things for me. Personally, I’m not able to pick ‘my favourite photo’ at a glance or post a simple shot on my Facebook page without cramping and editing a few times.

Luckily, things are totally different when I become “Olga from Guliver”, my alter-ego working with in the image licencing industry business since 1998. Sparing you from the ‘early years, working with dupes, the analogue way’ story, I’ll put it short:  profesionally, I trust ‘my favourite photo’ instinct before anything.

With this is mind, I have welcomed with great interest Getty Images’s invitation to #RePicture: to get rid of the photo clichees, to find innovative ways to illustrate often used concepts like  Motherhood, Beauty, Age, Balance, Team, Community or Success. Finally, to offer  the creative industry powerful visuals to illustate present stories in an authentic manner.

Evolving business models of the photo licencing industry like midstock and microstock have allowed everybody to express their creativity, by also gaining fame and money from their work.

Images are truly the universal language of the world, beyond geographic barriers! Close your eyes and  #RePicture, we’ll take care of the rest!

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